Hear from our satisfied clients

Donna has helped me to turn my life around in more ways that I can explain. Her positive caring nature, along with her knowledge of life skills, has encouraged me to expand my horizons and take control of my life. I am so forever grateful. Thank you Donna

Gail Sur
12 Apr 2024

Donna is amazing! Someone I will currently go to regularly to ensure I keep on track.

21 Mar 2023

The personalised sessions with Donna were conducted with professionalism, a great knowledge of people behaviour and how the mind works, plus she has a genuine passion for helping others. Highly recommend
Donna Hein Results Coaching if you are searching for a Life Coach.

Bradley Mann
06 Feb 2022

Most of my life I have found it difficult to adapt to change. More so as a mature age person. After undertaking a couple of sessions with Donna, I was able to understand some of the rationale behind my thinking. I now know what to do and can handle it better, when ever I am faced with change. Thank you, Donna

Shirley Mann
07 Oct 2021

Donna has a wealth of knowledge and knows her stuff, She has valuable insights and is very courteous and professional with her approach

Karma Social
01 Jul 2020

Donna has an enormous amount of positive energy and drive.  I marvel at her time management skills.  Her ability to achieve and to inspire others is second to none. I have enjoyed a lot of time in Donna's company and always walk away feeling enriched.

Linda Cook
29 Jun 2020

I have listened to Donna speak a number  of times at various functions, Donna speaks from a lot of experience with an incredible understanding of human behaviours

Karen O'Sullivan
22 Jun 2020

I have listened to Donna talk as a Guest Speaker a couple of times now. Her business knowledge combined with her ability to engage and empower people in the room, creates a great positive environment. Highly recommended!

Marie-Line Villers
06 Apr 2020

Donna is very professional, clear and concise in her business strategies. I highly recommend her informative work.

Jason Crawford
24 Feb 2020

Donna has a warm and welcoming nature which allows you to feel comfortable, and puts you at ease. Donna was able to assist me with breaking through some barriers which were holding me back with my business. Donna’s passion and skill, with helping people shines through. A kind and gifted coach.

Karen Chilton
11 Feb 2020

Donna is a very passionate and knowledgeable facilitator. I thoroughly enjoyed her workshop. Highly recommend!!

Kym McIntyre
26 Jan 2020

There are so many options out there when it comes to choosing a workshop, whether it be for business or personal gain.  Donna's workshops are one of a kind.  You will walk out armed with new found knowledge, a belief in yourself and a passion to match.  Highly recommended!!

Angie France
07 Jan 2020

It is not always easy to find the right personal coach/mentor. What I found working with Donna is that she could relate to many different areas of one's life through her own experiences. She is passionate, resourceful and committed to help you achieve your goals, whether it is personal or business. I highly recommend her!

Janelle Woudwyk
22 Dec 2019

We asked Donna to conduct a 1/2 day Excellence in Customer Interactions Workshop for all our staff. She was very passionate in her delivery and was able to engage everyone.  The content  was relevent  and enlightening. One of the best Workshops that we have been involved in.
Our staff actually understand the importance of building rapport with our customers.  Highly recommended!

Pauline Mann
18 Dec 2019

Donna is an amazing mentor and coach.
I can not recommend her highly enough, for both personal, and professional growth.

Lydia Pollard
14 Dec 2019

Donna is passionate in her delivery of Personal Development workshops. The workshops are interactive, informative and definitely thought provoking.

Jessica Munro
08 Dec 2019

I highly recommend Donna as a Business Consultant. Definitely value for money. Her knowledge and experience in Business and People Management is excellent. We were able to implement the suggested new strategies with great results. Thank you! Donna!

John Dewar
03 Dec 2019

Donna's service is second to none. Donna provides professional, clear and complete coaching. Donna's wealth of knowledge and guidance reflects through her approach and I couldn't recommend her more!

Jamie Montgomery
01 Dec 2019

Thanks Donna for your involvement with ourselves and the team. Really helpful insights into culture and business growth.

Brett Mulhall
22 Oct 2019

Highly recommend Donna, will cater her workshops to your needs and focus on what your business requires and wants to achieve. Thank you Donna


stouch auto and mechanical
16 Oct 2019

Donna's expertise, ability to empathise and understand, and overall caring nature has contributed to some monumental shifts in my thinking. She is genuinely intent on seeing you become the best version of you. I cannot suggest her services enough.

Simple Support
11 Oct 2019

Donna was able to coach both myself and my staff to improve and grow our business. Her expertise with large multinational businesses provided some great insights that I have applied to my own small business. Highly recommended.

Alex Kaminski
03 Oct 2019

amazing coach ,thanks Donna for going out of your way to come coach us at the sunshine coast.

stouch auto
02 Oct 2019

I attended Donna's workshop on Self Motivation. It was enlightening, interactive and empowering. Highly recommend!

Peter Hein
24 Sep 2019

Donna is fabulous. She provided us with a personalised and informative workshop which left me energised and inspired to succeed. A fantastic business consultant, I can't recommend her enough.

Solange Odum
05 Sep 2019

Donna is brilliant! Highly recommended for coaching, mentoring and overall staff improvement. She has so much knowledge and is able to clearly and cleverly disperse this to staff in a way that they thoroughly enjoy.

Kuyan Rider
03 Sep 2019

I must have known Donna for over 20 years now and there is never been a moment that I have had anything but the highest regard for her character, professionalism and zest for personal results. Even in my darkest time she proved it herself worth her weight in gold. I have watched her enter a new phase of helping others recently and I'm very pleased to have her on board to with my personal and business journey.

John eCentral
04 Apr 2018