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Staff Motivation

Breaking through the Barriers

This 2 day Women's Workshop, offers a Boutique on the essence of Life Strategies for personal and professional wellbeing. It is an interactive and empowering workshop that offers a flexible and adult learning environment. YOU will go on a journey of discovery, and learn more about YOU, your values, belief systems and what YOU are truly capable of.

YOU will walk out of this course with a different perspective on life, loving, living and success.

"Growth comes from change...Happiness comes from acceptance...You were made to to both!"


Adults Workshops

Finding Tracks

This 2 day Young Adults Workshop, has been specifically designed to address the needs of young adults who are experiencing unprecedented change in their lives and require assistance in knowing how to deal with these changes.

Each person will walk out of this workshop understanding how their self-image affects who they are and what they believe in. They will be given techniques to help balance thoughts plus appreciating accountability and responsibility for their chosen actions.


Business Workshops

Business / Team Development

These Sessions will help you to understand and develop the key strengths of your Business/Team, so that the focus becomes on winning strategies. For each Business/Team these strategies will be unique. With this knowledge you will build a cohesive team that is focused and motivated, striving toward targets based on the values of the organisation.


One on one personal change

Personalised Mentoring

One-on-one coaching is the fastest and most efficient way to achieve the results YOU are seeking for sustainable life benefits. We sometimes allow fear, lack of confidence and past experiences to cloud our judgement of what is really possible. When you change your thinking you can change your life. Are you READY?


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Donna Hein

Albion, QLD

Call 0424 313 771

About Results Coaching

Practitioner of NLP, Certified Trainer, International Speaker & Author, Business Women.

Donna has consistently brought results to the organizations, sporting groups and individuals that she has worked with.

Based upon a professional career in Executive Management, that has spanned a number of demanding markets in Australia, South East Asia & France... Donna integrates her real-life skills and knowledge into her workshops and sessions making them an "experience".

Education and training have always been integral to her success. She believes that people are the human assets of an organisation, and are definitely worth investing in. The same applies for an individual who believes that they are worth investing in themselves, whether for career advancement or personal achievement.

Donna has a passion for assisting people to really discover what they are capable of achieving. She has conducted the Breaking through the Barriers & Finding Tracks Workshops across Australia with great results. Her individual sessions & tailored group workshops integrate the techniques of NLP in conjunction with real-life skills. Her love of this discipline has come from her own achievements and the many people that she has touched through her one-on-one coaching, group sessions and guest appearances.

Her passion and pro-active participation in sports and the arts, have also contributed to her success with individuals and teams within these fields.