Managing Change

Changing the Business for a sustainable future

Wed 16 Oct 2019
An iconic large Queensland organisation with multiple sites across Australia was experiencing issues with continuity, brand awareness and people performance issues. They were referred to Donna Hein Results Coaching in Brisbane, to discuss their declining financials, as they knew that a consultant external to the organisation was required to get a complete picture of the culture from an independent perspective.

In the first instance, Donna had round table discussions with the Managers in the sites to ascertain "what was working and what was not?".  It was integral to obtain this knowledge first hand and to get buy-in from the Managers which immediately empowered them as drivers of change.

The results of the consultation was a strategic review which included a number of carefully considered action points backed by empirical evidence at the heart of the culture. With a refined plan, the steps were put into place to bring the relevant people within the organisation together for a Business Conference. This gave the whole team the opportunity to workshop the values of the business, the future direction and innovative marketing strategies to keep them ahead of their competitors. The Business Conference also served to educate & invest in their human assets - their people.

With the changes in place, Donna Hein Results Coaching then monitored the progress toward the goals, consulted with leadership and worked with key staff for a further 6 months to lock in the outcomes.

Not keeping a watchful eye on the holistic state of the business is a common flaw within many organisations along with not communicating on a regular basis, relevant and vital information in regards to the current state of the business.

As Business Leaders, this organisation knew the importance of being visionaries and realised the benefits of Empowering, Engaging, Enhancing and Enabling Staff!

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