The Inner Child

The Inner Child

Fri 04 May 2018
I love watching how Grandparents interact with their grandchildren. It is witnessing the release of the inner child. Some of these Grandparents are given a second chance of parenting and they make the most of it. They play, run, dress up, dance, sing, tell outlandish stories of imaginary places and people, talk in funny voices, ride bikes and have fun! Did they behave like this as parents?  In a majority of cases the answer is NO!

As adults with various commitments and responsibilities, we sometimes forget to take time out and truly enjoy life. When we release the inner child we free the body and mind of all stress related stuff.

A classic example of this, is in the movie “Hook”, starring Robin Williams. As a husband, father of 2 and a high profile business man, he has forgotten how to have fun. When he finally releases the inner child the transformation is fantastic! The relationship with his wife and children goes onto another level and the family bond is stronger than ever.

The movie “Willie Wonka” starring Gene Wilder is also another classic portrayal of releasing the inner child within.

There is a parent, grandparent and child inside all of us. It does not matter whether you had a wonderful childhood or a traumatic childhood. Loving our inner child helps us to break through barriers, release unwanted behaviours and accept ourselves for who we are.

The Women’s Workshops held in Newmarket, Brisbane, will give you an insight on how you can begin to release the inner child and feel good about it. Who is ready for FUN?