Master the art of Public Speaking with Donna Hein

How to Master the art of Public Speaking

Wed 29 Sep 2021
For a number of people just hearing these words, sends shivers down their spine. Yes, that was me many many years ago.

So, how did I break the fear cycle? I felt the fear and did it anyway. I acted "as if", until I believed in myself and what I was capable of achieving. It then became so natural, that I didn't consciously have time to question my ability as a public speaker. I armed myself with knowledge on the topic that I was delivering and projected it with passion and belief.

Then came the techniques associated with Public Speaking. Voice projection, body language, timing, vocabulary, expanded awareness of the room, the use of visual aids, etc..etc.. Once you master the whole exercise, it becomes so easy like an unconscious act, a natural behaviour.

If you want to improve your speaking abilities from delivering a sales pitch, or applying for a job, to talking in front of an audience with ease and confidence, then call me at Donna Hein Results Coaching Brisbane on 0424 313 771. I will give you the tools to enhance your Public Speaking abilities.