Breaking Through the Barriers Workshop

Breaking Through The Barriers Workshop

Wed 08 Jan 2020
Donna Hein Results Coaching and Consulting presents this 2 day Women's Workshop, offering a Boutique on the essence of Life Strategies for personal and professional well-being. It is an interactive and empowering workshop that offers a flexible and adult learning environment. YOU will go on a journey of discovery, and learn more about YOU, your values, belief systems and what YOU are truly capable of.

The day's agenda creates an environment of fun, interaction, music, relaxation and most importantly, strategies to help YOU find your balance in: Health & Well-being - Managing Change - Personal Growth: Improve Confidence, Self-Esteem & Belief in yourself - Communication Skills - Parenting - Relationships - Career Direction - Releasing unwanted habits.

YOU will walk out of this course with a refreshed perspective on life, loving, living and success.

Kick start your 2020 with this empowering workshop that begins on Saturday 7th March. More details are on the website Call Donna today on 0424 313 771.

"Growth comes from change...Happiness comes from acceptance...You were made to do both!"