What is in a Word?

Tue 05 Nov 2019
Have you ever tried to learn a new language and then realise how complicated the English
language can be?  

Every person is unique in the way they interpret a word or a sentence. We can change the intention of the word or sentence based on how we are feeling at the time we hear it.
"What do you mean by that?" is a common phrase we use if we don't understand what the other person is saying. The intention of the word and sentence structure coming from that person could have a totally different meaning to the way that we understood it.

Why does this happen?
Effective Communication is the key to every part of our daily life. If you are a parent, you will completely appreciate the challenges when trying to have a conversation with your child/adolescent.
Sometimes you wonder if you are both on the same planet?  You are trying to get across a point, however your child/adolescent just does not get what you are trying to say and vice a visa.  Simply called cross over communication, so frustrating! Been there?

Relationships can break down due to the way we communicate with each other. Organisations can fail due to a lack of clear & concise communication. This is with both Verbal and Non-Verbal Communication. The written word is a very powerful tool to get your ideas across and the same approach applies. Two people can read the same page and each one can have a different understanding of its' meaning.

How do we then get our communication across to the other person in the way that it was intended for them to hear?
You need to know the preferred Learning and Behaviour style/s of the person you are dealing with. Once you know this, it is so much easier to construct a sentence in the way that they will understand it. High profile Sales Consultants have mastered the art of this!
The same applies for how we best learn and why we behave the way we do (more on this later).
These styles are made up of Visual, Auditory, Kinaesthetic and Auditory Digital.

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