Fri 01 Mar 2019

Recognise that everyone is different
Saying “Please, Thank You & Excuse Me”
Positive Language
Eye Contact

I believe the “Core Basics” of respect is lacking in our society. This has been an evolution over the years. One now witnesses young children, teenagers and adults with no comprehension of how to show respect or what the meaning of respect stands for.

If you are a mature person like myself….one was brought up knowing how important it was TO:
• be kind to others
• listen when our parents/grandparents spoke
• have table manners
• wait your turn
• say thank you, please and excuse me
• be helpful
• have faith
• be responsible for the choices we made
• say hello and make eye contact when an adult came to the house
• call an adult by their title of Mr/Mrs/Ms
• be mindful of the language we used
• tell the truth
• show love and friendship
• stand up on the bus/train if an adult needed a seat
• give our parents their space when asked to, the first time!

The only way that these values can be passed on through the generations is by each one of us leading by example. Showing and encouraging our children and grandchildren to continue the tradition of showing the “core basics” of RESPECT.