Customer Service Workshop

Providing Exceptional Customer Service puts you ahead of the competition

Thu 30 Jan 2020
In a world that is primarily technology driven in all facets of business is vitally important that we do not lose sight of the "old fashioned" delivery of providing exceptional customer service. This is on the phone and face-to-face contact. Most people are tired of talking to a computer activated voice system. The human element is missing here and most often, so is the end result in having your question answered and/or your purchase finalised.

As business leaders, we know the power of effective communication and the results that will derive if all staff know how to communicate and can build instant rapport with customers. As the famous Milton Erickson said, "In the presence of rapport, anything is possible".

The "Excellence in Customer Interaction Workshop" is designed to focus on the passion of delivering excellence in Customer Service to enhance the opportunities for business growth and sustainability. Maintaining great client relationships is integral to any business. How to successfully do this does not always come naturally to some people. In much the same way that Managing Change within organisations has to be planned and executed with precision. Thus empowering and engaging staff in the whole process.

Depending on your business needs, you can choose the mini, half-day or full day Workshops delivered onsite or at a venue close to you. The content is tailored to your business agenda and outcomes.

If you want your business to be recognised as providing a service that is second to none, then call Donna Hein Results Coaching Brisbane on 0424 313 771. Donna will work with you to find the best possible solution to get your business back on track and put you in front of the competition.