Donating to the Australian Bush Fire Appeal

Supporting the Australian Bush Fire Appeals

Fri 17 Jan 2020
It is at times like these that you are truly proud to be called an Australian. The support and generosity from businesses and individuals across Australia in support of the Australian bushfire crises has been inspiring.

However, it has not just been the Australian community, people from all over the world have recognised the significant impact these fires have had on our firefighters, volunteers, families, animals, properties and land. They have also rallied to pledge their support in many different ways by being involved in charity sporting events, concerts and various fundraising activities across Australia, to create an awareness of the immediate financial need that everyone requires now.

Our firefighters are heroes in every sense of the word. Their strength and dedication is an inspiration. We applaud and salute you all! When disasters like this happen, it really makes you realise how precious each and every day of our lives is. As they say "don't sweat the small stuff".

It will certainly take many years for a recovery. For everyone that has been affected, be rest assured that you have a dedicated and committed community around the world to support you in any way that we can.

To date, Australia's bushfire crisis has killed 27 people, destroyed more than 2,100 homes, destroyed a billion animals and 10 million hectares of land.

Please donate now, as every cent counts.